Saturday, April 16, 2011

1933 - Survival of a slaughterhouse

During our visit to Shanghai, China in October 2010
Located in Shanghai, China, at the north end of the Bund (Huangpu District in central Shanghai), the 74 year-old slaughterhouse has been transformed to a lifestyle design center called 1933. This five storey of maze-like concrete corridors and structure with endless visual aspirations, and the giant glass ceiling that you can walk through the interlocking ramp, bridges and the 'cattle roads', is one of the three such slaughterhouse built in the early twentieth century.
The other two in London and the US have, respectively, been demolished. Paul Liu (famous for the success of his 'Three on the Bund' project) is the brains behind reviving this architectural masterpiece - a so called 'derelict, 1930's art deco abattoir. Do visit the building while you had a chance!!.

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