Friday, April 15, 2011

Container Guest House by Poteet Architects

A container as a mobile house/office is not a new concept - but this sustainable container guest house, certainly is. 

Located in San Antonio, Texas, USA, this 320 sqf project is originated from the clients' desire, who lives in a small warehouse on a former industrial site, to experiment the shipping container. 

It is a good transformation for a one way container to a new and permanent use. Some of the existing 'wall' has been replaced with a large sliding door and end window, which open the interior to the surrounding landscape. The planted roof is held off the container top, providing shade and allow air-flow to reduce heat gain. The grey water from the sink and shower is captures for roof irrigation. The WC is a composite toilet.  The interior is insulated with spray foam then lined with bamboo plywood, equally appropriate for the floor as the walls. 

all images by Chris Cooper
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