Monday, June 06, 2011

Ibiza Vertical Garden by Urbanarbolismo

Spanish landscape experts, Urbanarbolismo just completed a spectacular living wall in the courtyard of the Ushuaia Ibiza Hotel. The vertical garden was design to serves as a sound barrier for the outdoor club at the same time creating a colourful, living addition to the crisp white hotel and bright blue skies, together with an innovative low-tech, low-maintainance watering system developed with the help of Alijardin and Forest Alicante.

The wall is planted with various type of plants that suits with mediterranean climate of Ibiza. It were carefully arranged to take into account the soil type and sun exposure. The Urbanarbolismo aslo developed a low-tech irrigation system which is more straightforward compare to complex automated watering system. The ceramic elements are installed so that they are angled in towards the wall, allowing water to collect in each tube. According to Urbanarbolismo, this is the first vertical garden of its kind, and they see the concept taking root with home gardeners.

Source: Inhabitat
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