Monday, June 06, 2011

Parasite Office by Za Bor Architects

This Parasite Office was designed by Za Bor Architects in Moscow, Russia. As this largest city grows with over 8 million population, urban planners and architects have to look out for more creative and modern design solution in order to enhance the urban area that is presently lack. 

The three-story form hangs and attached between two adjacent brick building at one story high, leaving the roadway below unharmed. Traffic and pedestrian continues to travel from the front of the buildings to the courtyards at the rear. It can be accessed in two way; from an outer staircase and also from the roof access. 
The modern concept of the interior features windows and walls that made from polygonal shapes. The building have semi translucent walls on the street side and a flat, glazed back on the courtyard, that glows it from within during night.

Source: Inhabitat
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Maira Gall