Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty Beach House

Nothing could be more relaxing than a secluded, waterfront gateway to a surreal tree house. This is a private guesthouse located in north of Sydney, Australia on the Bouddi Peninsular, named Pretty Beach House. The property is set high on the escarpment of Pretty Beach and nestled into the Bouddi National Park.

This house is encompasses by three one-bedroom pavilions that surround the main home. The pavilions are rented out to guests who are lavished with an in-house chef, treetop views of the sparkling Brisbane waters, private decks for sunbathing, heated pool and a stunning 38 foot yatcht to explore the waters.
The sunken pool is designed below a surrounding teak terrace, which has openings for tree trunks to pass through to avoid disrupting their natural trajectory. The modern and functional architectural approach to The Pretty Beach House allows the residence to fit warmly into the natural cultivation like a sophisticated tree house.

Source: Pretty Beach House
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