Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Interlace by Office for Metropolitan Architecture

 The Interlace, one of the largest and most ambitious residential developments in Singapore, presents a radically new approach to contemporary living in tropical environment. Instead of creating a cluster of isolated, vertical towers - the default typology of residential developments in Singapore - the design proposes an intricate network of living and social spaces integrated with the natural environment. 

Design by Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), this under construction of thirty-one apartment blocks, with six stories tall each are stacked in a hexagonal arrangement. The interlocking blocks  create a vertical village of both shared and private outdoor spaces on multiple levels. The Interlace creates an interactive network of outdoor spaces oriented around the focal points of the courtyards, reflecting and extending the natural surroundings.

 The project is located on an eight-hectare site and will be completed with nine-kilometer green belt of parks and recreational facilities. Extensive residential amenities and facilities are mix together into the lush vegetation and offer opportunities for social interaction. 

Source: OMA
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