Friday, July 08, 2011

Modern and Self-sufficient House by SPG Architects

Casa Torcida was designed by SPG Architects, located in Osa Peninsular, Costa Rica. Consisting of no less than five levels and stretching over an area of 18000 square feet, this building was developed from an abandoned structure made up of steel frame and concrete.

Here is the project description," This indoor-outdoor residence located on a rainforest mountainside, is an environmentally sensitive design. The building uses an abandoned steel frame, which reduced the material needs of the project. The primary living spaces are separated from the outdoors by deep eaves with movable glass wall system or a wall system of integrated insect screens and louvers that provide both protection and privacy. The roof is covered with a reflective white membrane, so as to prevent the absoption heat. The roof features 94 solar panels that provide the house's full electrical energy needs, while a rainwater collection system minimizes water runoff and erosion on the site and provides all of the home's water needs. Energy Star appliances, previous pavers, efficient lighting, a chemical-free pool as well as hardwood furniture and cabinetry from wood harvested at the site are among the other sustainable features of the design." Environmental Brochure featuring SPG's Casa Torcida in details.  

Photos by Charles Lindsay
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