Friday, July 15, 2011

Rumah Turi in Solo, Indonesia

Rumah Turi is a green boutique-hotel located in Solo, the cultural heart of the island Java, Indonesia. This first eco-friendly lodging in Solo is originally a traditional family home in a village called, Turisari. Just like any other village houses, the house includes spaces such as main building that includes semi public area and a yard, a garden area and rooms. It is then been re-designed to become a compact unit without affecting the essential function of these spaces. There were some adjustment been made to the original layout of the house. 
In this sustainable and eco-friendly house, almost all timber used in the construction is recycled. Most of it originates from the remains of Hotel Sheraton Jogjakarta after it was destroyed by the devastating earthquake in 2006. The grey water and rainwater is filtered in a special tank, in the garden and then again througha mechanical process so that it can be used again to water the garden, artificial rain and for flushing toilets. When the surge tanks are full, surplus water is directed to the neighborhood sewers.

In order to save electricity, solar panels has been used to heat the water on the roof top. Almost all lamps are LEDs (light Emitting Diode) which only use 20 - 30% of electricity compared to halogen and standard light bulbs. The house is ventilated by natural air flow, crossing below the roof, to keep the spaces cool during the day. The landscape consists of vertical gardens with vegetables, medicinal plants, fruits and flowers.
Source: Rumah Turi
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