Monday, February 13, 2012

Wikihouse by 00:/

An event named, 'UNLOCK / SUPPORT' organised by SSoA in The University of Sheffield last week. Two architecture background speakers were invited and gave interesting talks related to this topic. One of them was from London based firm called 00:/, Indy Johar. During his session, he expressed that the perception and approach towards a successful architecture should be change, thus adapting with the current situation, modernisation and globalisation for social sustainability.
Wikihouse designs
Several projects and design ideas were presented, however projects that interest me much are the open source DIY construction kit, Wikihouse and the Scale-Free School, where both ideas are about alternatives architectural approaches being thought for the benefit of its society. 

As for the Wikihouse, the aim is to allow people to 'design, download and print' CNC-milled house and components, which can be assembled with minimal formal skill or training. He mentioned that, the idea is to 'share the work as much as openly as possible, and therefore it might come back better. At very least you will have contributed to solving a common problem.'  It is not just about the design of the building itself. Wikihouse is said to be easily construct  than ever, with the ability to actually 'print' out your own designs. Innovative construction systems are introduced for this house, with each CNC-milled part fitting together like a double-layered jigsaw. All components on Wikihouse are shared under a creative common license.

The production of Wikihouse.CC
Wikihouse.CC under construction
Wikihouse.CC components

The scale-free school videos by 00:/

Scale-Free Schools / An Introduction from 00:/ on Vimeo.

Scale-Free Schools / A Day In The Life from 00:/ on Vimeo.

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