Surau Nusa Idaman by Razin Architect

Last March, The Architech Society (UTM, Malaysia) invited few architecture offices from Malaysia and Singapore,  to give presentations on architect's career and their experiences in the industry, to UTM architecture students. This collaboration event with The Malaysia Institute of Architect, includes Razin Architect which was represented by Aiman.

One of the interesting project that Aiman shared with was the Surau Nusa Idaman, Nusajaya (Johor, Malaysia). This public muslim prayer hall estimated to be used by nearly 200 people located in Taman Nusa Idaman, is a pro bono project, built entirely with public donations. 

Along the construction process, budget was the biggest constraint. The design was based on a simple yet effective fundamental solution as a tropical shelter - one big umbrella roof with perforated perimeter walls to promote cross ventilation. The common brick walls were left unplastered and all piping and wirings were left exposed.  Tress planted inside the perimeter of the praying area becomes a decoration that softens the hard-edged fort like walls. 

This property is probably the first in the country to have LED light fittings in the entire building, powered completely by the solar photovoltaic panels, made possible by funds from earth living donors. The place is planned to be a symbol of progression which shall be the pride of the congregation.

All images by Yusri Hashim