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Aiman + Nor Izura
Architectural Designer | Researcher

AN/DS or Aiman Nor Izura Design Studio was founded by Aiman and Nor Izura to envisage a better creation, utilisation and appreciation towards architecture amongst the Malaysian public. These could be in a form of spatial design, space interaction as well as the theory that surrounds it. AN/DS was formed during Aiman and Nor Izura's final years of studying architecture in the Faculty of Built Environment, University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and continue to develop projects inspired by culture and everyday living.

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 Detail CVs: 

Dr. Aiman Mohd Rashid
Ph.D. Arch (Sheffield), MSc SAS (Sheffield), BArch (UTM)

Dr. Nor Izura Tukiman
Ph.D. Arch (Sheffield), MSc SAS (Sheffield), BArch (UTM)

If you are interested in engaging and working with us on your next project, please contact us at:

(or) +60137792620

AN/DS is managed by ANDSKT Resources (JM0908447-A)